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Special Community Events

Planning a large community event, walk, run, or festival?  Community events (those open to the general public) may have permitting requirements, insurance requirements or additional fees.  The event, if held in a City park, may also require additional deposits. 

This information is required of any event which:

  • Uses a pathway, sidewalk, or street for an organized walk or run (whether free or entrance fee charged)
  • Closes a city street, alley, shoulder, or parking lane
  • Any event open to the general public in a city park
  • Any private event serving alcohol in a city park or in an outdoor venue (parking lots, streets, parkways, etc)

Forms may include but are not limited to:
Street Closure 
Malt Beverage

Depending on the size and location of the event a site plan could be required also.  Please fill out the form below or contact licensing specialist Carla Mills-Laatsch at 307-235-7568 or email to find out what permits your event will require.

Event Questionnaire

Event Name:

Organization Holding Event:

Event Location:

Event contact person:

Phone number (of contact):

Email address (of contact):

Will the event be open to the public?:

Brief description of event:

Security Measure

Event FAQs

The below listed parks are some of the most popular venues for special events.  Other parks may be reserved for this purpose as well with permission of the Parks Manager.  A reservation can be made; however, it is not considered final until you have filled out the event questionnaire and completed the special event permitting process.  Reserve by calling 307-235-8283.  Please note that rental does not include exclusive use of play structures.

City Park 
City Park
Green Space: $25 
Open Tables: $30 
All spaces: $55 
Power: $10  available with Green Space Rental
 Conwell park
Healing Park on Conwell
Gazebo: $30
Shelter: $30
Green Space: $25 
All spaces:  $85 
Power: $10 available with Green Space rental
Staking of any kind is not allowed in the Healing Park on Conwell.
 Washington Park
Washington Park 
Band shell: $60, $100 Deposit
Green Space: $25
Shelter 1: $30 
Shelter 2: $30 
Shelter 3: $30 
Center Tables: $30 
All Spaces: $205 
Riser Removal: $175
Stage Extension: $500
 Wells Park Shelter 1
Wells Park at the North Casper Sports Complex
Shelter 1: $60 
Shelter 2: $30 
Green Space: $25 per four hour block
All spaces: $115
*Does not include playing fields
*Does not include exclusive use of playgrounds
*Does not include exclusive use of parking lot
Riverview Park & North Casper Clubhouse
North Casper Clubhouse: $60; $100 deposit
Shelter 1: $30 
Shelter 2: $30 
Shelter 3: $30 
Green Space: $25 
All spaces: $175
*Alcohol is not allowed in the North Casper Clubhouse
Crossroads Pavilion & Adventure Playground
Shelter 1: $30
Shelter 2: $30
Shelter 3:$30
Shelter 4:$30
Pavilion: $30 
Green Space: $25 
East Parking lot: $30 (only rentable with all spaces)
All spaces: $205 with parking lot
Power: $10 (available with Green Space rental)
*Does not include exclusive use of playground

What's Happening in Casper?

The following web sites are great ways to promote your event, but also a great way for you to see what is already happening in Casper and the surrounding area to help you plan a date.  Please note that the City of Casper does not maintain these sites and you will need to submit your event directly to the site to promote your event.

 Platte River Trails Community Trails Events:  http://www.platterivertrails.com/community-events.html

 Visit Casper Community Events: https://visitcasper.com/events/