Welcome to the City of Casper, Wyoming


Selling goods and/or food

hotdog stand

Selling food or goods in a City park or athletic field is only allowed with the permission of the Parks Manager (307-235-8283).  Merchants and food vendors must have the proper permits and licensing prior to gaining permission for park use. 

The fee for any commercial activity within a park is $60 per 8 hour period and does not include the use of park shelters.  Park shelters must be reserved separately.  No staking or driving on city park land is allowed without permission of the Parks Manager.

If a vendor is part of a larger community event that has followed the special event permitting process, there is not a fee and the Parks Manager does not need to be contacted.

Lemonade stand

Lemonade Day

The parks manager does not need to be contacted for permission to set up a lemonade stand for "Lemonade Day."  Children are allowed to set up stands in city parks for the official Lemonade Day. The following are the guidelines for Lemonade Day:
  • Stands should be registered as a participant of "Lemonade Day"
  • Stakes are not allowed.  Shade tents and stands can be weighted, but should not be staked to the ground.
  • Shelters and open tables may be used only if they are reserved.
  • Stands should not block sidewalks or pathways--- they should be on the park turf.
  • Stands should have a trash can and participants need to clean up all litter around their stand.