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Washington Park Revival

In an effort to provide our community with leading, accessible recreational opportunities, the City of Casper is reimagining Washington Park. Our goal is to offer amenities in line with national trends and local interests, and we’re currently in the initial phases of pursuing funding that would allow us to do both. Maybe that means building new pickleball courts, upgrading existing tennis courts or renovating our playground structures - or maybe it means something completely different. It’s our vision that someday, not too long from now, Washington Park will become the recreational heart of Casper.

Plans and Timeline

Preliminary work on this project started months ago, but the project began in earnest in October 2022 with a public outreach campaign.  Public meetings were held on October 27, 2022 and November 3, 2022.  A public input survey was posted online, and it ran from October 24 until November 7.   Survey responses have now been analyzed, and a summary of those results have now been posted (see below!).  

This project will rely on federal funding from the Land and Water Conservation Fund program (LWCF).  This latest round was funded through the Federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).  The grant application must be submitted by November 30, 2022.  These grants are competitive, so a final decision on the grant won't occur until mid 2023.

survey results

The City received an astonishing 422 responses from the Washington Park input survey.  The results have now been tallied, and they are being used to help shape a revitalization project that will, hopefully, be funded with a federal grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund. 

One of the key questions on the survey was, "If you could do one thing to make Washington Park better, what would it be?"  Hundreds of unique answers were submitted to this question, with ideas that ranged from play structures to ponds, lighting to sledding hills, dog facilities, gardens, and many many others. 

But in the end, the ideas that were mentioned most consistently as the public's top priorities were:

  • Permanent Restrooms -- 50  mentions

  • Tennis Court repairs/Improvements -- 50 mentions

  • Pickleball Courts -- 35 mentions

  • Pool Improvements/Repairs/Splash pads -- 35 mentions

  • Bandshell /Concert improvements -- 29 mentions

  • Baseball / Softball field improvements -- 24 mentions

  • Parking improvements -- 22 mentions

Responses to the other questions on the survey are also being compiled.  A breakout of some of those responses is shown here:

Wash Park Survey Results 2022