One Cent Sales Tax

The State of Wyoming charges a 4% sales tax on most items throughout the state. In addition to that 4%, there is an Optional One Percent Sales Tax that funds the City of Casper, the Natrona County government, and the other towns in Natrona County.


The City of Casper uses the Optional One Cent for infrastructure, equipment, and to support local non-profit agencies.


For over 30 years the citizens of Natrona County have chosen to support the Optional One Cent Sales Tax. The local governments in Natrona County, including the City of Casper, rely on this funding for many projects that the citizens find important.


The Optional One Cent Sales Tax is a temporary measure that was again re-approved by vote in 2010. We thank the citizens of Casper and Natrona County for their support.


The City of Casper conducted surveys to ask the citizens what they felt were the highest priorities in which the One Cent funds should be allocated. The four categories that received the most support were:


High Priority Projects:

  • Fire Protection
  • Water Line Replacement
  • Police
  • Streets


These four areas were designated the city's 'High Priority' project areas. A second group, which received more moderate support, was deemed to be 'Medium Priority'. The project areas that received minimal support were designated the 'Low Priority' group.


In addition to these three, a fourth category called 'Community Projects' was designated for those services that the city doesn't typically handle itself. These activities -- like public health, economic development, and The Bus -- were separated off into the Community Projects category.


Casper's projected allocation of One Cent Funds will probably be about $48,000,000. The money would then be shared among the four Priority areas in the following way: