Updated Utility Fees

As of July 1, 2023, the City of Casper has updated late payment and other utility fees. These new fees will cover the City’s expenses in delinquent payments, meters and shutoffs and will keep your rates lower. Please review the following changes, and call (307)235.8400(Opt.2) with any questions or concerns. 

Delinquent Late Fees

31st day: $20 | 45th day*: $35

Impact – new fee | Impact – $15 increase

*Note that this fee is on top of the $20 31st day for a total fee of $55 assessed beginning on the 45th day. 

Water Turn-on Fee

Impact – $25 increase  

*This excludes new accounts, transfers, and emergency turn-ons after off for less than 24 hours . If you are 30 days late, shut-off fee will be added totaling $90.

Utility Refundable Deposit
$100 for accounts with ACH autopay
$200 for accounts without ACH autopay

Impact – $125 increase 

*Although this deposit is primarily for new customers, the City reserves the right to require deposits for existing delinquent customers.
**New customer deposit may be waived with a letter from a previous utility company showing 12 months of good history.

Unsubstantiated Re-read of a Water Meter

Impact – $82 increase 

*The vast majority of re-reads are either due to leaks or lawn irrigation. 

Insufficient Check Fees

Impact – no change

Frozen Meter
$66 + Meter cost ($246 for a ¾” meter)

Impact - $101 increase 

Service Fee Impact Table  

If you need help paying your utility bill, learn about programs and resources available.