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The Streets Division is responsible for maintaining traffic signals & signs on city streets, painting on city streets (striping), paving/pothole repair, and concrete ADA's/valley pans. The Streets Division is split into 4 crews:

  • Patch Crew maintains and repairs a yearly average of 90,000 square feet of potholes and curb cuts. They are also responsible for street sweeping an average of 7,500 miles of streets.
  • Paving Crew specializes in three areas consisting of paving, crack sealing and grading gravel alleys. They mill and overlay around 200,000 square feet of pavement per year, this includes arterials and collectors as well as residential streets. They crack seal an average of 30 miles of pavement per year. The crew also grades around 75 miles of alleys per year.
  • Concrete Crew repairs and replaces a yearly average of 11, 300 square feet of concrete on city streets including ADA ramps. The crew also repairs or replaces an average of 44 concrete diamonds around man holes and water valves each year. The crew also helps maintain the stormwater system by replacing and repairing pipe, cleaning drainages, and repairing catch basins.
  • Traffic Crew maintains, troubleshoots and repairs 53 signalized intersections,120 luminaires, 54 school flashing beacons and several flashing pedestrian crosswalks throughout town. The crew sets up and retrieves traffic control devices for street closures and restrictions. Traffic also designs, fabricates, installs, and maintains signs of all parks, City entities, and streets and maintains all pavement markings, directional symbols, legends, and crosswalks on all City streets and City owned parking lots. In addition, the Traffic division also changes our decorative banners downtown six times a year and helps set-up holiday decorations.


All four crews along with Public Utilities and Parks are responsible for snow plowing and hauling.

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