Health Licenses

Every business affecting the public health must, before beginning business, apply to the city for a license, and, after the business and premises are inspected by the Casper-Natrona County Health Department -Division of Environmental Health , and payment of the proper fee, the license shall be issued by the City. This process begins at the Casper-Natrona County Health Department-Division of Environmental Health. The exception to this is massage therapy licenses/permits, which do not require a county health inspection before issuance. The fees for the business that require health licenses are described in the table below:

Business Type Fee
Body Art/Tattoo $25
Swimming Pools $75
Child Day Cares $50
Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Roominghouses, & Campgrounds
Food Service: groceries, supermarkets, food manufacturers, food distributors, food processors, bakeries, meat markets, delicatessens. $75 base license fee Plus $25 each for meat markets, bakeries, and delicatessens
Food Service: bars $100 plus $25 if food is served
Food Service: restaurants $100 plus $25 if alcoholic liquor or malt beverages are served
Food Service: facilities on any parochial, private, or public school property No license fee
Massage Therapy Establishment License $100  Massage License
Massage Therapist Permit/License $60  Massage permit
Massage Therapist Permit/License (Grandfather) $60  Massage (grandfather)

Beginning April 16, 2021, the Clerk's Office will begin utilizing the City's secure Citizen Self Service webpage to receive, process and issue health licenses. To apply for a Health License, please register your business and fill out an application on the City of Casper's Self Service webpage.

For more information on City ordinances for health licenses, please see the Casper Municipal Code. 

Unless otherwise provided, if a business enterprise involves more than one of the above named services, or businesses, a license must be obtained for each fee classification. These fees shall not be pro-rated, and are not transferable except upon application to City Council.