Chapter 17.96 sets forth the sign code which regulates the size, square footage, location, and the permitting process for signs. Each zoning district has a designated amount of signage, and permits are required for most signs. For a complete listing of sign requirements, refer to the Municipal Code, Section 17.96. Listed below are some of the regulations that must be followed:

Residential Signage

Garage Sale Signs

  • Garage or yard sale signs are allowed in residential zoning districts and can be posted on private property, provided they are removed immediately upon completion of the sale or within 72 hours.
  • It is illegal to post garage sale and other signs on street lights, traffic signs, power poles, street poles, telephone poles, fences or trees in any city or state right-of-way.

Real Estate Signs

  • Temporary, non-illuminated real estate signs are permitted.
  • One real estate sign is allowed on any lot or parcel as long as it is located entirely within the property to which the sign applies and does not exceed 6 square feet in area.
  • Residential real estate signs cannot exceed six (6) square feet in area.
  • Real estate signs are not allowed on any parkway, city, or state right-of-way.
  • All real estate signs must be removed within three (3) days after the sale, rental, or lease has been finalized.

Political Signs

  • Political signs shall not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet in size.
  • Political signs may not be placed in the public right-of-way of any street, road or highway without the permission of the adjoining property owner. The sign shall not extend over the curb, gutter, or roadway of any city or state street, road, or highway.
  • Political signs shall not be placed within the clear sight triangle on a corner lot unless the top of said sign is less than thirty-three (33) inches above the grade of the street, or the bottom of the sign is more than ten (10) feet above the grade of the street.
  • Signs for candidates who do not go forward to the general election shall be removed within three (3) days after the primary election.
  • All political signs for an election candidate or an election issue shall be removed within three (3) days after a general election.

Commercial Signage

  • Certain regulations apply for commercial signage depending on the type of sign (free standing, projecting, off-premise, wall, roof, etc.), the zone, size, and location. Refer to the Schedule of On-Premise Signs for specific requirements, and contact Code Enforcement at 235-8254 for more information.
  • A sign permit is required for any commercial sign, with the exception of private on-site traffic directional signs, which do not exceed four (4) square feet per face or ten (10) feet in height, and which do not carry any commercial message other than identification.
  • The changing of the advertising copy or message on a painted or printed sign does not require a sign permit. Signs specifically designed for the use of replaceable copy are included in this exception.
  • Painting, repainting, or cleaning of an advertising sign or structure, or changing of the advertising copy or message thereon, shall not be considered an erection or alteration which requires a sign permit, unless a structural change is made.
  • Any free-standing or monument sign structure requires a stamped engineered drawing indicating proper wind load and snow load, as well as a completed building and sign permit application.

Temporary Signs

  • Temporary signs are allowed only in commercial or industrial zoning districts.
  • Temporary banners are permitted only if attached to the front of a building, or in the case of a corner lot, the front and one side of a building, and if flush with the wall of the structure or if affixed to a permanently installed sign mounting structure.
  • The area of the temporary banner is counted and considered a part of the maximum total signage allowed.
  • Two temporary freestanding signs constructed of a rigid material, with a sign face area of not more than 12 square feet per side are allowed. One of the temporary free standing signs must be moved on a daily basis.
  • Temporary signs may not use delineator or “T” poles or posts as support.
  • City parks and athletic field are exempt from the temporary sign regulations.

City Property

  • No person shall paste, glue, tack or otherwise post any sign, placard, advertisement, or inscription on city-owned or leased property.
  • No person shall erect any sign on or cause to be erected any sign whatsoever on city-owned or leased property, street rights-of-way, alleys, public drainageways, or dedicated public easements without first obtaining a license from the city council and paying the prescribed fee.


Sign Permit Application

Sign Permit Fee Schedule

Schedule of On-Premise Signs