Beauty is a silent but powerful force that makes communities safer, healthier and more livable. We know that when a community and its residents unite with beautification as a common purpose, transformations occur not only in the physical surroundings, but in the hearts and minds of everyone involved.
Keep Casper Beautiful beautification efforts include:

Public Art

Power of Actions
Public art is an important component in beautification and place making efforts. Art communicates to viewers individually and can connect people and places.  Learn more about our public art efforts, murals and traffic wraps

Keep Casper Beautiful art projects are only located on city-owned property.  Most art projects are a collaboration with other organizations.  Volunteer opportunities are limited.


Tree planting

 tree planting

Keep Casper Beautiful works closely with city arborists on volunteer plantings on Arbor Day.  Volunteer work is arranged by the Urban Forestry program with the help of Keep Casper Beautiful.  Groups interested in volunteering should contact Urban Forestry.  

The Arbor Day celebration is reserved for school groups of no more than 25 students.  Schools are chosen based on proximity to the park chosen for the Arbor Day celebration. 

If you are interested in donating a tree, please visit: Parks Donations, Memorials, and Sponsorships


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Litter Cleanup
Spring Cleaning Downtown Casper