Light the park

It takes around 50,000 lights and hundreds of hours to transform Healing Park at Conwell into the wintery wonderland of Holiday Square each year. It’s the City of Casper’s annual gift to the community – a living holiday card.

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As spectacular as the lights are, it’s the trees that are the true stars of this show. This park has more than 100 trees, including towering oaks, lush honey locusts and the seasonal favorite blue spruce. Maintaining Casper’s diverse and healthy tree population can seem like a miracle, both in terms of effort and resources. But this is where you can give a gift to Casper. Consider donating to our Light Up the Park initiative, where our goal is to raise $50,000 – a dollar for each light – that will support our urban forestry program, which buys, plants and maintains trees in our City parks and public spaces, as well as lighting Holiday Square.

Brighten the season by purchasing a single light or light a whole tree. Your generosity will keep the lights shining and our Casper trees growing for years to come. Thank you for being part of the Holiday Square magic.

Light the park tree inventory

Kick off the season Friday, Dec. 1, from 4pm-6pm at our Holiday Square: Festival of 50,000 Lights event. 

View some of our bright lights who have already donated.

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