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What is the CHPC

The Casper Historic Preservation Commission (CHPC) is an advisory committee that seeks to recognize and preserve historic structures and properties within the City of Casper.

Center Street 1922
Center Street, Casper, Wyo. Bell 1922
Photo by Bell. Blackmore Collection, Casper College Western History Center.

Our Mission

Our mission is to recognize historic places in our community that make Casper unique. We seek to preserve these historic places, as well as educate and celebrate Casper's past.

Goals and Values of the CHPC

Educate the community about the historic properties throughout Casper.

Celebrate Casper’s unique history.

Preserve historic buildings and properties.

Promote the use of historic properties for the benefit of our community.

Enjoying Casper's History

What events does the CHPC have?

Every May the CPHC highlights the preservation of historic places during Historic Preservation Month.

How can people see historical buildings in Casper?

We encourage seeing the beauty of historic buildings in person. Our walking tours and list of historic buildings make it easy to take in Casper’s history. In addition, the Western History Center and the Fort Caspar Museum feature historic photograph collections for public viewing.

What are the walking tours in Casper?

The CHPC has published a historic walking tour brochure that shows many of the historic buildings in the downtown area. The CHPC is currently working on updating the brochure and plans to print more copies, as well as develop a virtual walking tour as a smart-phone app.

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