Wireless Application Information & Procedures


This instruction sheet is meant to provide general guidance to applicants on the City’s processes for Wireless Facility applications.  These instructions are not all-inclusive. For specific legal requirements, please refer to the City’s Wireless Communication Facilities Regulations, found in Section 17.12.124 of the Municipal Code (Link provided below).

Municipal Code

The City of Casper has two (2) different processes for Wireless Communication Facilities Regulations. In simplified terms: 1) New Towers (
Wireless Communication Facility Application) and, 2) Changes to existing facilities (Eligible Facility Requests).  There are separate applications for each located here:


Applications, and all required materials, may be submitted by email to
[email protected] or by hard copy to City of Casper Planning Division, 200 North David Street, Casper, WY 82601.

Both types of Wireless Applications are sent out for review by pre-qualified, third-party wireless professions/consultants. Once your application is received, staff forwards it to our wireless consultants, and they will respond within approximately one (1) week with a fee estimate for their review services.  The applicant then decides which consultant they would like the City to use.  Once both the application fee and the consultant’s fee are received by the City, review of the application will commence.

Please make all checks to “City of Casper.” You can also call (307)-235-8241 to pay by credit/debit card over the phone.  Fees for applications are as follows:

Eligible Facilities Request - $500 Application Fee PLUS cost of City’s consultant

Wireless Communication Facility - $1000 Application Fee PLUS cost of City’s consultant PLUS a one-time $1000 registration fee.

We are often asked about estimated timelines for review/approval.  Unfortunately, we cannot give an exact timeline because each project is different, and reviews depend heavily on the completeness of the application and whether the City’s requirements have been met adequately.  The best information that we can give on estimated timelines is that the City abides by Federal “shot clocks.”

If you have questions about Wireless Communication Facility Applications or Eligible Facility Requests, please contact the Planning Division.  The phone number is (307)-235-8241.  Email is preferred, and will usually be quicker. 
[email protected]

If you have questions about building/electrical permits, please contact the Building Division.  The phone number is (307)-235-8254.  Email is preferred, and will usually be quicker.
[email protected] Justin Scott , Building Official