North Platte River Park No. 2 Simple Master Plan

The purpose of the study is to design a simple master plan for 111.5 acres of city-owned land within the North Platte River Subdivision (Attachment A). The study will examine the impacts of development on the multi-modal transportation network within the study area.  Along with evaluating existing water, sewer, gas, electric, telecommunications, and transportation infrastructure, the plan will provide multiple layouts and illustrative plans.

In September 2022, the City of Casper applied for a vacation and replat to create the 185-acre North Platte River Park No. 2 Subdivision. The City also rezoned Lots 1 and 2 from public parkland to transition underutilized, unused, excess City property into productive, private use by creating an industrial park.  The City recommended rezoning Lot 1 (29 acres) to M-2 (General Industrial) and Lot 2 (74 acres) to M-1 (Limited Industrial).  The subdivision contains the Ford Wyoming Center, and the adjacent area includes a variety of uses including specialty parks, museums, medical offices, commercial, and retail facilities.  The land is adjacent to Interstate 25, the US Highway 20-26 Bypass, and Poplar Street.

On Thursday June 8th from 4:00-6:00 pm there will be an open house to gather information from interested members of the public regarding what they would like to see in this area.  The location has not yet been determined but please see our website for more details and location updates.  Click here to go to this site.

Awarded to Ayres Engineers

Westwinds Road Extensions and Land Use Study

The purpose of the study is to design a plan for the extension of Westwinds Road to the Natrona County International Airport. The extension would build off the recently constructed interchange on I25 in Bar Nunn and support additional freight capacity. The study will examine cost estimates, right-of-way acquisition, access management standards, adjacent land use, and provide recommendations to the MPO, Natrona County, and the Town of Bar Nunn.  

The project website is available here:

Mills Platte River Trail Connectivity Study

The purpose of the study is to determine how to proceed with a proposed pedestrian bridge crossing over the North Platte River, a safe pedestrian and bicycle crossing of the river along Wyoming Boulevard, and additional connectivity and access to existing trails along the river in this area.  The recommended options will serve residents and visitors with links to increased recreational opportunities, extend low-stress transportation networks, and improve all residents' health and safety.  

Casper Area Transit Electric Fleet Conversion Study

The purpose of this study is to analyze the existing Casper Area Transit vehicle fleet, analyze electric replacement vehicles currently available, outline how Casper Area Transit should introduce electric buses into the fleet, identify funding sources, and provide a working knowledge of an electric bus system including optimal deployment strategies, a cost-benefit analysis, and a summary of the infrastructure, supplies, and labor required to implement and maintain an electric bus system.  


Evansville Texas Street Extension Study

The purpose of the study is to examine the impacts of extending Texas Street from  Miracle St. north to Lierd Ln. and East Yellowstone Highway, in order to add and alternate route from Lathrop Road to East Yellowstone Highway to possibly relieve some congestion on Curtis Street. The study will also examine how the proposed extension would influence all forms of transportation in the larger multi-modal network. 

Project Website:
The public can view the proposed draft report and can comment at the above link

Casper Area Impact Fee Study

The purpose of the study is to assess the effects of setting up a legal and fair program of transportation impact fees for the City of Casper. Impact fees, if adopted in the future, would spread the costs of regional transportation and capital improvements across the community rather than those costs being born solely by individual developers.  The study will determine if assessing reasonable impact fees on new development would be a functional and equitable funding source and if the community would support those fees. Additionally, the plan will develop the implementation steps needed, including working with the MPO and the City of Casper to draft the ordinance changes needed to enact impact fees. 

Western Gateway Corridor Study- Phase I

As the largest urban area in the central part of the State, the Casper Urban Area, serves as the principle retail, service, medical, transportation, and wholesale center for Wyoming.  Additionally, the area’s production history and central location has made it the regional support center for Wyoming’s energy industries (coal, gas, oil, and wind farms). The purpose of the study is to create a comprehensive corridor improvement plan along Highway 20-26, from the First Street bridge over the North Platte River in Casper to the West Belt Loop in the City of Mills, that reflects the latest trends in transportation safety, traffic flow, landscape design, multi-modal facilities, and structural enhancements. Additionally, the plan will draft recommendations for design of an upgraded and welcoming corridor that highlights unique and special recreational, business, and residential opportunities available in the greater Casper area and creates an entryway into downtown Casper. The plan will include an operational and safety analysis of the corridor including; signal warrants, intersection improvements, streetscape lighting design, storm-water improvements, islands and medians, barriers, curb and gutter, additional aesthetic improvements, gateway monuments, and transit options along the corridor. The final plan will, using the MPO’s 2020 Wayfinding Master Plan as a foundation, develop a cohesive and welcoming corridor plan that welcomes visitors to the Casper area and highlights the characteristics and local environment that make Casper unique. 

This project has been awarded to HDR Engineering of Gillette, Wyoming.