The MPO has produced hundreds of studies over the last forty years. Staff is continually working to categorize and index these plans for your convenience. Review the table below for keywords, then click the project title to obtain a PDF copy of the study.

Project Name Year
 Texas Street Extension Study  2023
 Evansville East Side Sidewalk and Trail Study  2023
 2023 Traffic Counts 2023
 Casper Impact Fee Study 2023
 Western Gateway Corridor Study Phase I Report 2023
 Casper Area Transit Electric Fleet Conversion Study 2023
 North Platte River Park No.2 Simple Master Plan 2023
 Bar Nunn Streetscape Plan 2022
 2022 Traffic Counts 2022
Casper Complete Streets Plan and Policy 2022 
East Yellowstone Intersection Study 2022
Evansville Trail Linkage Plan 2021 
Downtown Casper 1-Way to 2-Way Conversion Study 2021
 Casper Rail Trail Extension Plan 2021
Casper Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update 2021 
 Casper Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Appendices 2021
 Five-Year Transit Strategic Development Plan 2021
 2021 Traffic Counts 2021 
 Antelope Drive and Salt Creek Highway Corridor Study  2021
Lathrop Road Traffic Study 2021
 Chamberlin Road PEL Study 2021
 2020 Traffic Counts 2020 
 Mills Main Street Corridor Study  2020
 Wayfinding Plan 2020
 Long Range Transportation Plan 2020
 2019 Traffic Counts 2019 
 2018 Traffic Counts 2018 
 Casper Urban Center Strategic Parking Plan
Project Subsite
 Town of Bar Nunn 2017 Transportation Plan 2017
 2017 Traffic Counts  2017
 Town of Evansville 2017 Transportation Plan  2017
 Town of Mills 2017 Transportation Plan  2017
 2016 Traffic Counts   2016
 Transit Route and Schedule Analysis  2016
 2015 Traffic Counts  2015
 Casper Signal Timing Study 2015 
Platte Park Planning & Environmental Linkage Study 2015
Transit Development Plan Update  2015
I-25 Entryways and Beautification Study  2015
 Public Participation Plan  2014
 West Belt Loop Access Management Plan  2014
Blackmore Road Subarea Transportation Plan - contact the MPO for the plan
Beverly & 2nd Street Intersection Study 2013
Bar Nunn I-25 Interchange Feasibility Study
15th & 21st Subarea Traffic Study 2013
Casper Area Trails, Path, and Bikeway Master Plan 2013
Polaris Drive Study 2013
Wyoming Blvd Side Path Feasibility Study 2013
 Bar Nunn Subarea Planning Study 2012 
 Elkhorn Valley Master Trail Plan 2011 
 Bar Nunn Traffic Study 2010 
Casper Streets Enhancement Study 2009 
 Highway 20/26 Enhancement Study  2008
 Casper High Hazard Intersection Study
Safe Routes to School
Salt Creek Highway/McMurry Blvd Corridor Study