Sometimes a heavy snow, a continued freeze/thaw cycle or excessive shade causes a dangerous build-up of ice along the sides of streets or at intersections. When this occurs, the Public Services Department prioritizes these areas for service after snow routes are cleared.

Deicing Materials

The city uses a snow/ice melt product called Ice Slicer. Ice Slicer is composed of naturally occurring complex chlorides and 60+ trace minerals.  Due to its hard crystalline structure, Ice Slicer can provide immediate traction whenever applied. Some users refer to it as “dissolving sand” because it doesn’t leave high volumes of residues as it breaks down.
Ice Slicer’s natural brown color enables it to use the sun to provide additional melting power. It dissolves slowly and stays on roadways longer to help prevent freezing of new snow or ice so it is more effective over a longer period of time than ordinary salt.  The product is also less corrosive to steel, is less harmful to roadside plants, and has less of an impact on the river.
The City does not use white salt, magnesium chloride, or sand because of the detrimental effects to air and water quality and to the environment. In order to protect the safety of residents, while also protecting the environment and keeping costs low, new products are continuously tested.

Deicer Storage Facility

This modern facility was constructed by contract and city crews. It became operational in 2002. The facility stores the city’s deicer material.  Materials are stored indoors to protect them from weather, as they break down in water.