Q1. Why doesn't the City plow all streets? 

Answer: The Streets Division maintains more than 270 center miles (955 lane miles) of arterial, collector and residential streets. Approximately 123 center miles of streets are classified as Class “A” or Class “B” snow routes. The remainder of the streets are classified as Class “C” snow routes with minimal snow fighting service. Class “C” snow routes are occasionally serviced in Casper, and it is very costly to do. The Street Division may apply deicing materials on residential intersections, hills or curves on a case-by-case basis. Some Class “C” streets are plowed when drifting makes them impassable. Conditions are considered impassable when the streets cannot be traversed by a reasonably prepared vehicle equipped for winter weather environments. 

Q2. There are big drifts on my street and I can’t drive down it. Can you do something? 

Answer: If large drifts present hazardous or impassable conditions on residential streets, citizens should notify the Streets Division at 235-8283. Streets will be prioritized for plowing and deicing according to the severity of the problem. To help keep your street passable the snow from driveways and sidewalks should be shoveled onto lawns.   It is best to clear snow as soon as possible to maintain dry and safe walkways.  

Q3. My neighbors are pushing snow into the street making it difficult for travel. Can you do something? 

Answer: Pushing snow into the street is a violation to City of Casper Municipal Code, Section 12.24.030. Please contact the Street Division at 235-8283 if you have a concern about a violation. 

Q4. There is a lot of ice-buildup on the curb and gutters, and now it is forming over the sidewalk. Can you do something? 

Answer: Some streets in the City do not receive much direct sunlight, prohibiting a natural thawing of snow and ice. Consequently, ice build-up will block storm drains and create hazardous conditions if it forms over the sidewalk. The Streets Division will cut ice along severely affected streets after plowing operations have finished. 

Q5. The plows have blocked my driveway with snow.  Will you come and clear it? 

Answer: Every effort is made to not block driveways or sidewalks, but there are some instances when snow may get placed in front of driveways or on sidewalks.  When this occurs it is the responsibility of the property owner to remove the snow from the driveway or sidewalk.  We apologize for the inconvenience that this causes. 

Q6. Some of the sidewalks I walk are not cleared of snow. Who is responsible for clearing the sidewalks? 

Answer: Property owners should clear snow and ice accumulations from their sidewalks for pedestrians, however; the city does not have an ordinance requiring residents to remove snow.  The City of Casper Parks Division maintains city sidewalks and pathways Monday-Friday from 4 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Snow is not removed on weekends and residents are encouraged to exercise caution when using pathways, trails, and sidewalks.