Casper's streets are classified as arterial, collector, and residential.

Arterial streets are thoroughfares that carry most traffic in town. (CY Avenue, Second Street, 15th Street etc)
Collector streets are the side streets that intersect thoroughfares.  These are the main streets in neighborhoods that take traffic  (collect) to thoroughfares. (Paradise Drive, Arroyo, Coffman, Walsh, etc) 
Residential streets are those around homes and through neighborhoods.

 For snow and ice control the Streets Division uses the following priorities.

 Class "A" covers emergency access routes and major arterial streets. These routes include collector streets serving hospitals, schools and other streets that may require emergency vehicle access.

Class “B” covers minor arterial and collector streets. These routes include some emergency and minor collector streets. These streets will be serviced after Class "A" service levels are completed. School routes will be serviced as a Class "A" when school is in session. When school is not in session, these routes will not be plowed, unless designated as a Class "B" route.

Residential streets are normally not plowed unless a storm or blowing and drifting snow make the street impassable.  To request plowing, please call our office at 307-235-8283.  The streets division will evaluate the conditions.  Residential streets will not be plowed until after a storm has subsided.  Dispatch will contact streets if there is an emergency situation.

 School Closures (Natrona County School District)

Wyoming Department of Transportation webcams and road conditions for the Casper area

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