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Trees are Terrific 

Trees are an important part of the urban landscape.  They provide shade to cool our homes, clean the air and water, and provide food to birds and other wildlife.  The City of Casper Parks Division maintains and plants trees on public property (parks and beautification areas).  The division also maintains an inventory of publicly owned trees.
The city has several arborists and can provide free expertise to citizens regarding tree care, identification,  questions and concerns Request a yard call online

The City also licenses commercial arborists to perform work for residents and businesses.  Find a Casper Licensed Arborist

Tree City USA 

The City of Casper has been a Tree City USA for 26 years. Tree City is a designation from the Arbor Day Foundation that recognizes communities across the country for their commitment to trees in the urban landscape.
The City of Casper has also been the recipient of the Arbor Day Foundation Growth Award for 10 years, for its continual work in four key areas that improve the health of trees: education, partnerships, planning and management, and planting and maintenance.
In 2014 the City of Casper was awarded the Sterling Growth Award. This award is a high honor for the city to receive, as the City of Casper is the only recipient of this award in the State of Wyoming.