Alert: For automated account balance and bill pay, please call 1-833-681-5712.

Alert Utilities

Credit and debit card payments will be charged an additional fee beginning Jan. 2023; bank auto withdrawals are free

Beginning in January 2023, the City of Casper will assess a fee for all utility payments made using either credit or debit cards. Per City Council’s Oct. 18, 2022 resolution, citizens who pay monthly utility bills with any form of card payment will be charged a minimum of $2 or 2.95% fee of their total bill – whichever amount is greater. All fees and rates are determined by credit card companies, and this charge expressly covers the City’s costs of paying with cards; the City does not profit in any way. Automatic bank withdrawals remain free to all City customers. Sign up here.

New Bill Format: But What Does It Mean?

The city's redesigned utility bill has new information that wasn't there on the previous version.  If you have questions on what those numbers mean, or how to find information on your bill, then take a look at this Bill Format FAQ.

Easy Ways to Pay your Bill
Online Payment Portal  (Quick link - below)

Where you can:

  • View your bills
  • Receive your bill as an e-Statement
  • Have a payment reminder sent to your email address
  • Make payments with a debit or credit card
  • Set up autopay
  • NOTE: Please disregard the autopay feature if you are already setup with EasyPay (your utility bill is paid automatically by your checking account).

To sign up you will need your account number, which is found on your monthly utility bill.
Following sign-up, this secure site will send you an e-mail to verify your e-mail address and activate your account.


Over the phone - 

Call anytime to make a payment or to check your balance

Checking your account balance is free over the phone. If you’d like to pay your balance over the phone, you will be charged a $1.50 service fee. Beginning January 2023, all credit and debit card payments will be charged $2 or 2.95% of the total bill (whichever is greater) in addition to the $1.50 service fee. In other words, the minimum fee to pay over the phone with a card will be $3.50. Automatic withdrawal payments are free. Sign up here.


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Quick Links:

Sign up for Easy Pay

Sign up for our electronic billing program and help save a tree and postage by receiving your bill electronically.

Online Residential Utility Application

Click to sign up or discontinue utility services with the City of Casper.

Hydrant Meter Reading Submission 

Click to enter your monthly meter readings.


2021 Drinking Water Quality Report


Sewer and Wastewater 

Click the above link to be directed to our Sewer and Wastewater Collections page.  This page has common sewer issues and backup culprits along with Recreational Vehicle Dump site information.  You can also find emergency contact information.