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We are excited to offer a webpage for our customers holding an issued Hydrant Meter Permit. This site will allow you to submit your meter reading quickly and efficiently!

Please use our Hydrant Meter Reading Submission Page to submit your required monthly meter reading to our Utility Billing Technician by the last Friday of each month.   Thank you!

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Please use our Online Utility Application  to open (move-in) or close (move-out) a utility  account at a property in the City of Casper. 

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Residential Utility Application

Upon submission,  your application will be forwarded to the City of Casper Finance Customer Service department. 

The date your meter is read will determine your actual  bill date.  Meters are read Monday - Friday.  Please allow up to 3 business days for your meter to be read.

The residential utility service includes water , sewer, and a sanitation container.  The sanitation container is located at a specific spot according to your property : 
1) An individual container rolled to the curb (found near house) 
2) A larger container shared with a neighbor (found in an alley).

For questions concerning any of your City of Casper utility services or bills, feel free to contact us via our email at
[email protected]
or call 307-235-8400​


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