RFPs & Public Notices

Current Requests for Proposals

The following projects are bidding, pending award or have recently been awarded.  Additional City projects out for bid are located here: Construction Projects & Bidding.

 Western Gateway Corridor Enhancement Study: Phase 2 Beth Andress  Western Gateway Phase 2 RFP   4:00 pm MST July 13, 2023  Open
 One (1) New Skid Steer Loader Dan Coryell  One (1) New Skid Steer Loader.doc  3:30 pm MST
May 4, 2023 
 One (1) Haul Truck  Dan Coryell One (1) Haul Truck.doc  3:30 pm MST
April 20, 2023 
One (1) New Sub-Compact Tractor with Loader Bucket  Dan Coryell One (1) New Sub-Compact Tractor with Loader Bucket.doc  3:00 PM MST 
April 18, 2023
Elevator Maintenance  Matt Thomason  Elevator Maintenance.pdf 4:00 PM MST
April 14, 2023
Three (3) New Half Ton Extended Cab 4x4 Pickup with
8' Bed
 Dan Coryell Three (3) New Half Ton Ext Cab 4x4 Pickup with 8' Bed.doc  3:30 PM MST March 30, 2023   Bidding
(1)  Breathing Air Compressor  Jason Speiser One (1) Breathing Air Compressor  3:00 PM MST March 22, 2023   Bidding
(10) Scott Hazmat SCBA   Jason Speiser Ten (10) Scott Hazmat SCBAs 3:00 PM MST March 22, 2023   Bidding
(1) Custom Service Body  Jason Speiser  One (1) Custom Service Body March 22, 2023  Bidding
 One (1) New Turf Utility Vehicle  Dan Coryell One (1) New Turf Utility Vehicle.doc  3:30 PM MST March 16, 2023 Bidding 
 One (1) New Heavy Duty Crew Cab Chassis 4x4 Truck with Dump Body and Accessories Dan Coryell  One (1) New Heavy Duty Crew Cab Chassis 4x4 Truck with Dump Body and Accessories.doc  3:30 PM MST
March 23, March 16, 2023 

Blade Server Infrastructure Upgrade & Replacement  Adam Hiatt Request for Proposals

Blade Center RFP Q&A
3:00 PM MST
March 15, 2023 
 Miller House HVAC Replacement Matt Thomason RFP Miller House.pdf  11:00 AM MST May 10, 2022 Open
RFP for Investment Advisor 2022   Jill Johnson Request for Proposal
3:00 p.m. MST
February 25, 2022 
RFP City Audit   Jill Johnson Request for Proposal 4:00 p.m. MST February 21, 2022   Closed 

Public Notices

 Public Notice Contact   
Sale of City-Owned Property:
Tract G of the Mesa Del Sol Addition 
307-235-8241   VIEW
 Sale of City-Owned Property:
Trevett Lane (Lots 1-4 of the Robertson Road Addition)
307-235-8241  VIEW 
Public hearing for ordinance change 307-235-7568 VIEW 
Public hearing for transfer of retail liquor license 307-235-7568 VIEW
 Public hearing for new restaurant liquor license 307-235-7568  VIEW
 Public hearing for new winery liquor license 307-235-7568  VIEW