Boulevard trees (trees located between the street and sidewalk) within the City of Casper require a permit for removal of the tree.  Upon requesting the permit, an arborist with the City of Casper will arrange an inspection of the tree(s).  The city must concur with the removal of the tree for the permit to be issued.   The permits are free.  Requests for removal must be made at least 5 business days from the date of anticipated removal.

You may request a removal by calling (307)235-8283 or by filling out the below form.
street tree
Boulevard Tree Removal Permit Request Form

Boulevard Tree Removal Permit Request Form

Home Owner's Name:  




Daytime Phone: 


Alt. Phone:  




Kind of tree (if known):


Number of trees to be removed:


Reason for removal (please select all that apply- hold the control key and click on selections):

If other please explain:


Location of trees on property:


Anticipated date of removal (example 10/10/2015):

Removal date must be at least 5 business days from the date of this request.


Who will be doing the removal?:


Submitting the removal permit request does not guarantee that a removal permit will be issued.  An arborist with the City of Casper will contact you and perform an inspection of the tree. 

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