Wayfinding Plan

The Casper Area MPO and RDG Planning and Design worked together to develop a Wayfinding Plan for Casper area communities, corridors, and destinations.  This plan will:

1.) Provide attractive and innovative wayfinding signage that meets the needs of residents and visitors of the Casper area;

2.) Establish a high quality transportation-related brand identity that is cohesive but also reflective of the individual municipalities in the Casper area;

3.) Promote and enhance key gateways and entrances into the individual municipalities in the Casper Area.

This plan will serve as a management, design, and construction guide for placement of transportation and recreation related signs and wayfinding assets.

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Below are some additional project documents:

Casper Area Wayfinding Plan RFP

Wayfinding RDG Professional Services Contract in draft form

Public Input Session Flyer