Masha Flinn, CCPD member and Miss Wheelchair WY

Masha Flinn - Former CCPD member and Ms. Wheelchair Wyoming 2020

What is the CCPD?

Casper's Council of People with Disabilities is an educational and solution-oriented advisory board serving as a catalyst for promoting self-advocacy, equality, accessibility, and opportunity for all people, regardless of their disability.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the CCPD is to serve as an advisory committee to the Casper City Council, City Manager, and staff members of the City of Casper, Wyoming, on the problems and concerns of people with disabilities as they relate to activities of daily living; including employment, recreation, transportation, architectural accessibility, or any other area of concern to people with disabilities. We help develop plans for addressing issues affecting people with disabilities and promote improvement in the quality of life for Casper citizens with disabilities. Click here to review the bylaws that govern our Council.

Goals and Values of the CCPD

Promote equal access, equality, and opportunity for all people.

Encourage inter-agency coordination among service agencies and programs for the disabled and refer disabled persons to appropriate agencies and services.

Participate with and offer recommendations to City Council and City staff on past, current, and future projects.

Bring awareness to and educate the community on issues relevant to people with disabilities or handicaps.

Celebrating Diversity

What events does the CCPD get involved in?

The CCPD strives to participate in several community events each year to promote inclusion, awareness, and education on issues affecting people with disabilities. Events that we participate in include community parades, Conwell Park Tree Lighting Ceremony, and others.

In addition to joining in on these events, each March the CCPD sponsors our own event to celebrate Disability Awareness Month. Check the website or Facebook for details about this annual celebration and all other events that CCPD participates in!

How can people help support the CCPD?

The CCPD raises funds for important projects and initiatives that benefit people with disabilities through donations and fundraising. To support the CCPD, community members can donate online or in person at our booth during community events. People can also show support by participating in fundraising efforts and sponsoring or attending our annual Disability Month celebration each March.