Final Payment Notices

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All notices of final payments will be posted here for projects
managed by the City of Casper Engineering Division.

Project Name
 41st Day
 Wolcott Street Mill and Overlay Andrew Colling Wayne Coleman Construction July 30, 2022  Notice of Final Payment
 2021 Solid Waste Asphalt Improvements  Terry Cottenoir  Crown Construction August 6, 2022  Notice of Final Payment
 2022 CPU Tank  Painting Project Andrew Colling  Worldwide Industries  August 6, 2022  Notice of Final Payment
 2nd and Lincoln Paving Improvements Steven Stolte Wayne Coleman Construction
September 10, 2022  Notice of Final Payment
 Senior Center Parking Lot Steven Stolte Treto Construction  September 19, 2022  Notice of Final Payment
 WWTP Aeration Basin Pipe Recoating Andrew Colling Riley Industrial Services, Inc.  September 24, 2022 Notice of Final Payment
 FY22 Luminaire Services Andrew Colling Atlantic Electric, Inc.  September 24, 2022  Notice of Final Payment