Hydrant Meter Readings Form

Hydrant Meter Reading Submission Form

The City of Casper requires the submission of a monthly meter read from your hydrant meter to assist us with the monthly billing of the water used by you or your company. Please use the fields below to notate the current meter reading found on your issued hydrant meter.  List  your business name, date of the meter reading, the hydrant meter property ID number (this number is a larger imprinted number on the hydrant meter - approximately height is 3/4 inch), and current meter read for each hydrant meter issued to you or your company.   Below  are 4  sections to submit your readings for one or multiple rented hydrant meters.  Meter reads are due no later than last Friday of each month.




READING FOR FIRST METER                                                

# 1 - READ DATE (mm/dd/yy)                                                                          

# 1 - METER PROPERTY ID NUMBER (3 digits)                                           

# 1 - METER READING (Use leading zeros)                        

READING FOR SECOND METER                                                

# 2 - READ DATE (mm/dd/yy)                                                                          

# 2 - METER PROPERTY ID NUMBER (3 digits)                                           

# 2 - METER READING (Use leading zeros)                        

READING FOR THIRD METER                                                

# 3 - READ DATE (mm/dd/yy)                                                                        

# 3 - METER PROPERTY ID NUMBER (3 digits)                                 

 # 3 -METER READING (Use leading zeros)                        

READING FOR FOURTH METER                                                

# 4 - READ DATE (mm/dd/yy)                                                                         

# 4 - METER PROPERTY ID NUMBER (3 digits)                                        

# 4 - METER READING (Use leading zeros)                       

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