Scoop the poop with an X over poop

Because Fido isn’t trained to flush.

Here’s the scoop: when you don’t pick up after your pet, you’re not being very neighborly – and you’re actually breaking the law. Casper City Ordinance 6.04.90 requires citizens to pick up after their pooches, but unfortunately, the evidence is piling up against many Casper pet owners.

Residual dog poop is a bigger problem than just being icky or inconsiderate (although those are both bad). It’s a law that comes with a penalty of up to $110.00. Moreover, pet waste seriously impacts our environment. Rain and melting snow create stormwater runoff and this flows off roofs, sidewalks, driveways, etc. down our street gutters and eventually into the North Platte River. Stormwater runoff picks up a lot of different stuff along the way, including the millions of bacteria in every pile of your furry best friend’s fecal matter. That’s right – your dog’s poop ends up in the river.

This is a community-wide problem that requires a community-wide solution. We know that you have a very good boy or girl, but unless your dog is toilet trained, we’re all counting on you to keep our neighborhoods, sidewalks, trails, fields, parks and the rest of our beloved city and river clean.


Bring disposable bags with you on walks and other outings
Pick up after your pet every time they poop
Throw used bags into trash bins
Encourage other dog moms and dads to do the same


Ignore/leave/pretend you didn’t see your dog’s poop
Break city ordinance
Be a bad neighbor
Pollute the river
Step in it

On behalf of police officers, lawn mowers, soccer players, soccer moms, river floaters, kayakers, joggers, strollers, umpires, fans, and Fidos everywhere, thanks for picking up after your pet. 


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