Commercial Trash and Recycling Collection

commercial trash containers

The City of Casper collects commercial garbage and recycling six days per week. Container sizes range from 1 to 8 cubic yards and services can be arranged 1 to 6 times per week. Charges are billed monthly. To reduce your trash bill, consider adding cardboard recycling services and/or white paper recycling. Call (307)235-8246 for a free waste audit today.   The city also provides collection services for compactors and roll offs.  For rates, see the "Roll Off Container Services" section below.


Commercial Rates

The following are monthly rates for sanitation.  Rates are subject to change, please call the solid waste office at (307)235-8246 for current rates.
# of pickups 1 yard 2 yard 3 yard 4 yard 6 yard 8 yard
1 $68 $89 $110 $134 $182 $235
2 $136 $178 $220 $268 $364 $470
3 $204 $267 $330 $402 $546 $705
4 $272 $356 $440 $536 $728 $940
5 $340 $445 $550 $670 $910 $1175
6 $408 $534 $660 $804 $1092 $1410

*If commercial customer provides trash container, a 7% reduction is applied to the rate.
**Businesses located within a 2-mile perimeter outside city limits please call (307)235-8246 for rates
***Recycling services are provided at a reduced rate, call (307)235-8246 for more details

Additional Requested Services

Additional services may be requested. Requests for same-day service must be made by 10:00 a.m. Requests made after 10:00 a.m. will be fulfilled the next business day.  The following rates are per pickup and are subject to change.  Please call the solid waste office at (307)235-8246 for current rates.

Commercial “On Call” Bin

Commercial customers who are undergoing large cleanups or construction projects may arrange for a 4 or 6 cubic yard “on call” bin. The bin is placed temporarily on your site and emptied upon request.  It is the responsibility of the Customer who requested the "On-Call" Bin to "Call" the City of Casper Solid Waste Division to have the Bin emptied and/or emptied and removed.  On Call Bin services are provided within the Casper city limits and a 2 mile radius outside city limits.  Businesses located within a 2-mile perimeter outside city limits apply 1.30% multiplier to rates. 

Bin Size Delivery & Removal Normal Business Waste Construction waste (heavy or dense)
4 yard $40 $80 $160
6 yard $40 $86 $172

Roll Off Container Services

Roll off container services are provided within the Casper city limits and a 2 mile radius outside city limits.  The Collection Fee is higher in the 2 mile radius area.  Container charges are as follows:
  • $105 delivery fee (one time)
  • $265 collection fee (per haul*)
  • current balefill rate x tonnage disposal fee (per haul*)
  • $5 per day rental fee (from the date of delivery to the date of removal)

* Per haul means every time the Roll Off Truck picks up the container and hauls it to the landfill to be emptied.

A pre-service payment of $370.00 is required prior to delivery of the container.  The amount covers the delivery fee ($105.00), and the first collection fee ($265..00). Rental fees will be charged upon the first haul along with the tipping/tonnage fee.  Call the solid waste office at (307)235-8246 for current availability or to schedule container delivery.  Tipping fee may be waived for roll offs containing cardboard or compostable materials.  Call the solid waste office for more information.

Commercial Penalty Fees  

  • Habitual Customer Call Backs - $ 22.00 per incident
  • Extremely Dense or Heavy Waste - "Double Fees"
  • Overfilled Bins - $15.00 Per Yard
  • Violation of bagging ordinance - $25.00, $50 or $100 per incident
  • Violation of solid waste rules - $25, $50 or $100 per incident