Residential Trash Collection

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The following services are provided to residents for the fee listed on the monthly water bill:

    sideloader picking up 90

    • Once a week trash collection
    • Twice monthly extra collection (rules apply; visit the extra collection page for details)
    • A free balefill pass once per month. The pass is good for one car, standard pick-up truck or 10 foot trailer load of garbage.  It expires one year after it is issued.
    • Free recycling at 12 different depots.

    Service is provided to residents either at the curb or in the alley. All trash must be bagged and securely tied or taped closed, by City ordinance. This prevents litter when a container is emptied or knocked over.

    Alley Service

    Residents with alley access share 300 gallon containers, one per every three houses. Each resident is allowed to use 1/3 of the container.  There are options for residents needing more than 1/3 of the container.  Call us at: (307)235-8246 for more information.  The containers are located on one side of the alley.

    Curbside Service

    Residents without alley access are provided one 90 gallon roll-out container per household. There are options for additional containers for those who need them.  Call us at: (307)235-8246 for more information.  Containers need to be rolled to the curb by 7:00 a.m. on collection day by City ordinance. Roll the container into the gutter next to the curb; this prevents containers from blocking sidewalks.

    Items not acceptable in trash containers:

    Please note that placement of the following items in your trash container may result in a $15 non-compliance fee added to your monthly bill.
    • Dead animal carcasses
    • Cooking/vegetable oil. Pour into a sealable container and take to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility. Since cooking oil is a liquid at room temperature, wait until oil completely cools before pouring it into your container. For more information visit the Cease the Grease page.
    • Oil, Gas, Cleaners, Cleaning Products, Pesticides, Herbicides, Propane Tanks, Batteries, Fluorescent Light Bulbs Explosives, Liquids, Paint, Hazardous Chemicals, No PCB's, Oil filled Transformers, Oil filled Capacitors. Please contact the Household Hazardous Waste Facility (hyperlink to page) to make arrangements for possible disposal of these items.
    • Metal items such as metal fence posts, bicycles, grills, metal furniture
    • Furniture, televisions, electronics and appliances
    • Tree limbs, rocks, sod, dirt, and other such items
    • Construction material including concrete, bricks, drywall, lumber, fencing
    • Biohazard materials such as needles, and blood stained materials
    • Any item weighing more than 50 pounds

    Container Maintenance and Care

    Report broken lids, handles, and wheels to the solid waste office

    To keep your container clean, follow these tips:
    1. Bag all trash. This will keep your container free from odor and mess. It is also a city of Casper ordinance.
    2. Double bag pet wastes. When you clean your yard of dog wastes or empty a cat litter box, double bag the waste. This keeps the bag from breaking in your container or when it is emptied into the garbage truck.
    3. Do not put dead animals, fish guts, or other animal remains in your trash can. Take these items to the animal waste cell at the landfill. You can utilize the free balefill pass to dispose of these wastes.
    If your container happens to become dirty or have odor you can clean the container. Clean the container using dish soap, baking soda and water. Use an old broom to scrub the container and then empty the contents onto your lawn. Remember, bagging your trash will prevent odor and mess.