Working with the public, elected officials, and professional staff
to plan our road, trail, bus, and rail systems.


Policy Committee

Casper: Carter Napier, Casper City Manager
Casper: Amber Pollock, Casper City Councilwoman
Bar Nunn: Steven Clark, Bar Nunn Councilman
Evansville: Chad Edwards, Evansville Mayor
Mills: Sabrina Foreman, Community Development Director, Chairwoman
Natrona County: Peter Nicolysen, Natrona County Commissioner
WYDOT: Mark Ayen, District Engineer
Casper/NCIA:* Glenn Januska, Airport Manager

 * Non-voting member

Technical Committee

Casper: Liz Becher
Casper: Alex Sveda
Bar Nunn: Ray Catellier, Vice-Chairman
Evansville: Shane Porter
Mills: Kevin O'Hearn
Natrona County: Mike Haigler, Chairman
WYDOT: Brooke Allen

Citizen's Committee 

City of Casper   Town of Evansville
Christy Aksamit   Vacant
Robin Broumley    
Emil Gercke   Town of Bar Nunn
Ruth Heald, Chairman   Veronica White
Cathy Stepp, Vice-Chairman    

Natrona County   Jared Fehringer
Chuck Davis    
Keith Tyler   Transit
Town of Mills   Damion Burback
Lou Grunewald