Casper Complete Streets Plan and Ordinance Update

The Casper Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is developing a Complete Streets Plan & Ordinance Update for the City of Casper to enable safe access for all users, including people walking, taking transit, bicycling and driving across all city streets.

Everyone is invited to take our Complete Streets survey between now and November 21st, and tell us how your ideal street would look.  Click the link below and tell us what you think!

The Plan will provide a framework to codify transportation and streets related ordinances across the City of Casper. This project will help meet other goals set forth in Connecting Crossroads, including increasing transportation options for all modes, improving the safety and health for all residents, enhancing the region’s distinct character, and supporting the region’s diversifying economy.

• Complete streets are streets designed to equally prioritize walking, biking, and driving, as well as transit infrastructure and amenities to support community character.

• The 2020 update of the MPO’s Long Range Transportation Plan Connecting Crossroads identified the need for the jurisdictions in the MPO to adopt and implement Complete Streets policy.

• The need for the City of Casper to implement a Complete Streets plan was also identified in the latest iteration of Casper’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan Generation Casper.

• To ensure successful implementation, the Plan will include performance measures for the City to monitor progress and targeted education materials to instruct staff usage of design standards.

• Recent community engagement discovered a strong desire for more sidewalks, side paths, trails, lighting, landscaping, and wayfinding along facilities, higher-visibility crosswalks, bicycle signal features, and increased physical buffering and separation for walking and biking.

• Casper also has a growing aging population, underscoring a need for a complete network of facilities that can support comfort to people of all ages including those with vision impairments and mobility-assistive devices.

• The City of Casper City Council will adopt the plan and approve ordinance changes by resolution. 

East Yellowstone Intersection Improvement Study

The purpose of the study is to address operational and safety issues at both intersections on East Yellowstone Highway from 1st Street to 2nd Street.  The intersections in the study area, in their current configuration, have many design issues affecting transportation, including awkward angles, wide crossings distances for pedestrians and cyclists, and multi-modal trail disconnects that the MPO would like to study and provide recommendations to correct. The study will conduct an operational and safety analysis of the corridor, engage in robust public involvement, and test the outcomes of specific treatments to determine their effectiveness, as well as determine the effectiveness of the installation of a HAWK Pedestrian crossing. The final study will provide decision makers and the public with recommendations supported by visualizations and measurable benefits to travelers including reduced travel times, improved level of service, and improved safety. This project was previously identified in the most recent update of the Long Range Transportation Plan: Connecting Crossroads. Successful proposals must demonstrate relevant expertise and experience in the fields of transportation planning, civil and traffic engineering, and public engagement.  The project will require tasks such as an examination of the existing conditions and the development of multiple recommendations to improve safety and performance at both intersections in the study area.