Dangerous Trees/Bushes

Trees that extend over a public alley, street, or sidewalk in such a way as to create a hazard to pedestrians or vehicle traffic, or that obstructs visibility of a traffic sign or light, are required to be trimmed to either 8’ above the sidewalk or 15’ above the street or alley.


On corner lots, trees, shrubs, plant growth, etc., are restricted to 36” in height. All trees, bushes, hedges, shrubbery and plant growth that are trimmed, need to be bagged, boxed, or tied in bundles that weigh less than 50 pounds, are 5 feet in length or less, and placed by the dumpster on the extra trash pickup days, for removal by the Sanitation Department.


Section 12.32.170 of the Casper Municipal Code
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Extra Collection Days

Dangerous Tree Guidelines


Trees and bushes that overhang the sidewalk need to be trimmed to at least 8' (feet) above the sidewalk and trimmed back away from the sidewalk to allow for unobstructed pedestrian traffic.


Trees and bushes need to be trimmed to at least 15' (feet) above the street and alley and trimmed back away from the street and alley to allow for unobstructed vehicle traffic.