Fences, walls, hedges, shrubs, trees, accessory buildings and accessory uses are permitted in all of Casper’s zoning districts with limitations.  Below are a few of the guidelines to follow when erecting or altering a fence or wall. Please refer to Section 17.12.120 of the Casper Municipal Code for the complete regulation, or contact Code Enforcement at 235-8254 for more information.

  • A fence permit is required for any fence that is six (6) feet tall or less which is erected, altered, or repaired.
  • building permit is required for any fence that is over six (6) feet in height and for any wall exceeding four (4) feet in height. A fence or wall shall not exceed eight feet in height.
  • A residential fence in the front yard may not exceed four (4) feet in height, and any portion of the fence above 36 inches in height must be 40 percent open for visibility.
  • The height of the fence, wall, hedge, accessory building or accessory use is measured from grade at the location of where the same is to be installed.
  • A corner lot is presumed to have two frontages, and the rear yard begins at the rear corner of the residence and runs perpendicular from the corner to the side property line as illustrated by Figure 17.12.120A.
  • At any corner formed by intersecting streets, it is unlawful to install any fence or wall or set out any hedge, shrubbery, trees, natural growth, accessory buildings or use, or other obstruction within the sight distance triangle as illustrated by Figure 17.12.120.

See Section 17.12.120 of the Casper Municipal Code for more information