Home Occupations

A home occupation is a business/commercial use conducted primarily within the dwelling unit and is a permitted use in any residential zoning district. Listed below are some guidelines that must be followed for a home occupation:

  • The home occupation can employ only those persons who reside on the premises.
  • The use must be incidental and secondary to the residential occupancy.
  • The use cannot take up over 25% of the dwelling space, including accessory buildings.
  • There can be no change in the outside appearance of the building or premises.
  • Off street parking may be required as set forth in Section 17.12.080 of the Casper Municipal Code.
  • Does not employ equipment or a process creating dust, smoke glare, smoke, traffic attraction for excessive noise. Specifically prohibited is the outside storage and display of merchandise, any activity involving any external building alternation, window display, construction equipment, machinery or outside storage, parking of large vehicles such as wreckers, trucks, transporting semi-trucks and trailers, or other disturbing influences greater than those of other residential properties in the neighborhood.
  • There shall be no exterior advertising other than identification of the home occupation by a sign, which shall be attached flush with the dwelling and shall not exceed one square foot in area and which shall not be illuminated.
  • A home occupation shall not be interpreted to include, but not limited to, the following veterinary uses including boarding of animals, nursing home, ambulance service, body repair and painting, restaurants which do not include bed and breakfast, and taverns.

See Section 17.12.140 of the Casper Municipal Code for more information