Litter detracts from the appearance of homes, businesses, neighborhoods and impacts the entire community. It is up to all of us to do our part to keep Casper a clean and beautiful place to live, work, and play. It is the responsibility of property owners or tenants to keep their yards, fence lines, parking lots, sidewalks, and other areas litter free. The following are some easy tips to prevent litter:

  • Bag your waste and securely tie the bags closed. Refer to Section 8.32.040 of the Casper Municipal Code. Failure to bag your trash may result in a $15 non-compliance fee.
  • Ensure your trash container lid fully closes. If your lid is not functioning properly, you should contact the Solid Waste Division at 235-8246 or your sanitation service provider.
  • To prevent litter from accumulating in your parking lot due to overfull trash receptacles, consider adding more containers or emptying the containers in your parking lot more often.
  • If owners or persons in control of any property allow litter and trash to accumulate, the City of Casper has the authority to require that the same be removed within 5 days of notification of the litter and/or trash violation. In the event of noncompliance the City, at the owner’s expense, will have the litter and/or trash removed, or a complaint may be filed in Municipal Court.
  • To assist residents with litter, junk and trash removal, the Solid Waste Division will remove items that do not exceed fifty (50) pounds in weight such as furniture, bundled tree limbs, boxes, bags of leaves, etc., at no extra charge. These items need to be placed by the dumpster on the extra trash pickup days that occur twice each month. Contact the Solid Waste Division at (307) 235-8246 for more information.  To find our more information on extra collection days, click here:  Extra Collection


Refer to Section 8.40.020 of the Casper Municipal Code for more information. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

My neighbor is not bagging their trash, what should I do?

Contact Solid Waste at 235-8246. They will talk to your neighbor about bagging trash.


The litter in my alley is due to the trash container being emptied, is this my responsibility to clean up?


All litter in the alley is the responsibility of property owners to clean. Bagging trash placed in containers prevents litter and it is a City of Casper ordinance. The best step is to prevent litter by bagging all trash.


The litter around my business is from customer litter, am I responsible?


Businesses are responsible for cleaning up litter is their parking lots and along their store fronts. If you are experiencing a litter problem, try placing more trash receptacles or review your receptacle placement. Keep Casper Beautiful can help you with receptacle placement.


What should I do when someone else completely fills my trash dumpster?


This could be considered "theft of services" and you should contact Solid Waste at 235-8246.  Likewise, if you are in need of additional dumpsters for a temporary/commercial cleanup, contact Solid Waste or another sanitation provider.