Residential Outside Storage

All residential outside storage shall:

  1. Have a residential building on-site before residential outside storage is permitted. Permitted residential outside storage shall be limited to residentially zoned lots or residential use lots;
  2. Be no closer than the front building line of the residence or twenty-five (25) feet from the front property line;
  3. Be limited to an area of no more than one hundred twenty (120) square feet per lot or combination of lots as legally described for the primary residence and on file with the Natrona County Assessor’s Office, with the exception of firewood that is stored, as defined in Section 8.36.005 of this code;
  4. Be limited to a height of five feet.

In addition, the outside storage of tires shall not be permitted on any residentially zoned lots or residential use lots; and


Residential outside storage of construction materials may be allowed, provided that the construction materials are for use on-site pursuant to a current, valid construction permit. All other construction materials for projects not requiring a building permit and other construction materials may be stored subject to all other limitations of this code. (Ord. 29-05 § 2. 2005)



For information regarding the proper disposal of unwanted items or for information on recycling, contact Solid Waste at 235-8246.  .