The Municipal Code requires any owner (defined as owner, occupant, or agent of any owner or occupant) of a lot or parcel of ground in the City to keep the lot and parcels of ground, parkways, alleyways, and the sidewalk areas abutting thereon, free from all dandelions; and weeds, grass or other lawful vegetable growth which is in excess of eight inches (8") in height and that is detrimental to the neighborhood.

The owner of a lot or parcel of ground in the City will be notified of the violation, and once the 10-day allotted time frame expires for abatement, the City may mow the same and assess the costs to the owner.

In the alternative, a complaint may be filed in Municipal Court and upon a finding of guilt, the owner may be fined as provided by law.

It is important to note that the City of Casper will notify owners only one time for a weed or dandelion violation in a single calendar year. If there is continued noncompliance the City, at the owner’s expense, will have the weeds mowed, or a complaint may be filed in Municipal Court.

See Section 8.44.010 of the Casper Municipal Code for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell what type of weed is in my yard?

Information on weeds can be obtained by visiting the University of Wyoming Weed Guide site at This web site has photos and a guide for all Wyoming weeds.

Who is responsible for maintaining the parkway and alley abutting my property?

It is the responsibility of the property owner (or person in charge of the property) to maintain the parkway and alley right-of ways free and clear from weeds and tall grass over 8" and from dandelions.

Why the 8 inch height?

Weeds and tall grass over 8 inches in height, and dandelions, can create a public health, safety and fire hazard. Vermin, snakes, mice, etc., can hide in the tall weeds and/or grass, and noxious vegetation that has gone to seed can create severe allergy reactions. In addition, dried weeds and grass can become a fire hazard if left unmaintained.