CCPD Membership and Meeting Information

CCPD Members and Liaisons

Chairperson: Austin Berlin
Vice Chairperson: Bonnie Wilson
Secretary: Maria "Masha" Flinn
Treasurer: Ethan Yonker
Members: Maureen "Mo" Barnes, Ardell Breed, Charles Fritz, Linda Jones, Dawn Lacko, Copper Mack, Jenny Miller, Teka Perry, Stephanie Singer, Scotia Sutherland, John Wall, Marty Wood
Member Liaisons: Nikki Green
Casper City Council Liaison: Ray Pacheco, Vice Mayor
Natrona County Liaison: Anne Alacron, Risk Manager
City of Casper Staff Representative: Ethan Yonker, Risk Manager
City of Casper Staff Liaisons: Zulima Lopez - Parks, Recreation & Public Facilities; Liz Becher - Community Development; Scott Dresher - City of Casper Transit

CCPD Members
CCPD Members and liaisons February 2023
In order from left to right: 
Back Row: Linda Jones, Charles Fritz, Bonnie Wilson, Stephanie Singer, Scotia Sutherland, Dawn Lacko
Front Row: Austin Berlin, John Wall, Ethan Yonker, Maureen "Mo" Barnes, Masha Flinn
Missing from Photo: Anne Alacron, Ardell Breed, Nikki Green, Copper Mack, Jenny Miller, Teka Perry, Marty Wood

Meeting Information

When does CCPD meet?
4th Monday of each month at noon. (unless otherwise specified).

Where does CCPD meet?
Via Microsoft Teams AND in person at NowCap Services located at 345 North Walsh Drive.

Is the meeting open or closed the public?
Meetings are open to the public. Email us for a link if you want to join virtually via Microsoft Teams.

How can I become a member?
The Casper City Council appoints the members of the CCPD. The Chairperson of the CCPD may submit recommendations to the City Council for appointments after approval of the CCPD membership. Interested parties can complete an application and deliver in person, via email, or through USPS mail.

2022-2023 Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Agendas Meeting Minutes

July 2022                                                              July 2022
August 2022 - No meeting                             August 2022 - No meeting
September 2022                                               September 2022
October 2022                                                     October 2022
November 2022                                                November 2022
December 2022                                                December 2022
January 2023                                                     January 2023
February 2023                                                   February 2023
March 2023                                                        March 2023
April 2023                                                           April 2023
May 2023                                                            May 2023
June 2023                                                           June 2023