Request Trash Service

By ordinance, residents of the City of Casper are serviced by city sanitation.  Some households were exempted or grandfathered in by the ordinance.  Citizens who had a private hauler before annexation or before the ordinance may have their service remain with their private hauler until the house or property is sold to another party.  The new owner must have trash service with the City of Casper.

Existing Residences

Trash containers do not belong to the homeowner and are property of the City of Casper.  When residents move, they must leave the city container.  When water service is set up, trash service is automatically started.  Trash containers are either roll-out containers or large, shared containers.  Most roll-out containers are for curbside collection for residences that do not have alleys or access to an alley.  There are a few roll-out containers in some narrow alleyways and they are provided to residents who request Special Permit Service.  The large, shared containers are placed in the alley behind most residences and are usually shared by up to three (3) households. 
If you have just moved, a trash container should be at the residence and ready for use.  If you have questions concerning service or cannot locate your container please contact the solid waste division office at (307) 235-8246.

New Construction

If you have recently moved into a newly constructed home, your garbage service will be set up automatically after your water meter is installed.  The container will be delivered after your water service is set up.  If you have any questions or have not received your container please contact the solid waste division office at (307) 235-8246.
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