What is an alley?

An alley is a minor private or public thoroughfare other than a dedicated half street, which is less than thirty feet wide, upon which the rear of land or building lots generally abut, and which affords a secondary means of vehicular access to the land, buildings, or lots.


Where is the alley right-of-way?

The alley right-of-way is the area just outside your rear property line.  In many instances, your fence is on the rear property line, and the alley right-of-way extends from that point to the centerline of the alley.  The alley right-of- way is a public easement, and is not private property.


Whose responsibility is it to maintain the alley right-of-way behind my house?

The property owner is responsible for maintaining the alley right-of-way area behind their house or business.  This includes keeping weeds mowed, litter and junk picked up, and trimming all trees, bushes, vegetation and shrubs back away from the alley right-of-way.


City ordinances require that:

  • Trees, bushes, vegetation, and shrubs be trimmed back away from the alley and to a height of at least 15’ above the alley for vehicle clearance;
  • There must be at least a 15’ wide roadway kept open for free movement up and down the alley;
  • Weeds, tall grass and noxious vegetation must be below 8 inches in height;
  • Junk and litter cannot accumulate in the alley right-of-way;


What can I store in the alley?

The alley right-of-way is a public easement and no personal property can be stored there.


What about extra trash collection day?

Residents may place up to 3 items each weighing 50 lbs or less in the alley right-of-way for removal on their extra trash collection day.  Contact the Solid Waste Facility at (307) 235-8246 for the extra trash collection day in your area, or visit the web at www.casperwy.gov.  Smaller items must be bagged and securely tied closed.  Branches must be cut in 5 ft. lengths and bundled.  Items must be placed at least 3 ft. from the trash container no more than 24 hours prior to trash day.


What cannot be placed in the alley for extra trash collection day?

Large furniture, washers, dryers, water heaters, stoves, dishwashers, CFC containing units (refrigerators and air conditioners), unbundled branches, leaf or grass piles, sod, concrete, dirt, rock, batteries, oil, antifreeze, hazardous chemicals, car parts, or heavy iron/steel will not be picked up.  These items need to be removed by the property owner and cannot be stored in the alley.  Call the Solid Waste Facility at (307) 235-8246 for information regarding disposal of these items.



What can I do to keep my alley right-of-way cleaned up?

As mentioned above, junk and litter is the responsibility of the property owner to remove.  You can prevent litter by bagging your trash and securely tying the bags closed.  This will keep trash from blowing when the container is knocked over by wind or is emptied.  City ordinance requires that all trash be bagged.  Failure to do so may result in a $15 non-compliance fee.  Likewise, junk cannot be allowed to accumulate in the alley right-of-way and is the responsibility of the property owner to remove.


There is graffiti in my alley, what should I do?

Graffiti can affect property values and if left, it can lead to more vandalism in a neighborhood.  Call the Casper Police Department at 235-8278 to report graffiti.  If you wish to file with your insurance company, you will need to talk to a police officer and file a report.  It is recommended that you cover any graffiti as quickly as possible, and if you are unable to do so, contact the City of Casper at (307) 235-7562 or ask the responding officer about the graffiti assistance program.